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New York's Most Picturesque Venue

On Saturday, July 9th, BriteVibes Beer & Musical Festival returns for the 2nd consecutive summer - this year at a new location, Heritage Hill Brewhouse.


Located just outside of Syracuse in Pompey, NY, Heritage Hill sits on 300 acres of protected farmland. It also happens to reside on one of the highest points and center of New York State. 9 counties can be viewed from the venue, creating a perceived perspective of being “on top of the world”.

Our family is excited to be the new host of the BriteVibes Festival and we cannot wait for you to experience the beauty of our farm and location” said Dan Palladino, Owner of Heritage Hill Brewhouse “As host of Empire Farm Days, we know how to host a great event and by partnering with NYSBA we are going to collectively give you a full day experience you will never forget.

Brews, Tunes & Views

Drink "on top of the world" at BriteVibes! As we mentioned before, Heritage Hill sits at one of the highest points and center of New York State. 9 counties can be viewed from the venue. Enjoy live music, craft beer tastings, a brewtiful sunset, and FIREWORKS all with breathtaking backdrop.


Farm Fresh Eats

Taking place on a 177-year-old family owned farm, the festival celebrates the craft brewing industry’s intimate relationship with agriculture. Enjoy savory eats crafted with farm fresh ingredients from Heritage Hill's BBQ menu (the Dill wings are incredible)! There will also be a slew of food trucks at the festival including vegan/vegetarian options. 

The Brewseum at Heritage Hill

Take a break from the sun and explore the “Brewseum” at Heritage Hill, showcasing Central New York’s rich brewing history and artifacts. Tour during festival hours at no additional charge!


Brewery Tours

Take a tour of Heritage Hill's state of the art brewing facility & learn all about the brewing process! Brewery tours will be scheduled throughout the day courtesy of Ultimate Brew Service.


Upgrade to VIP for the ultimate BriteVibes experience! Enjoy the climate controlled VIP Barn, premium views from the barn deck, and access to the private bar, bathrooms, and VIP menu.


Farm Friends

What's a farm without animals! Make sure to say hello to heritage Hill's furry and feathery friends at BriteVibes!


Heritage Hill Brewhouse

3149 Sweet Road

Pompey, NY 13138

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